Starbucks announced new plans today to bring an express-style store to test on the time strapped, coffee guzzling populations of Manhattan. The new stores would feature a reduced menu of coffee products and food items—take that time sucking venti mocha double shot Frappachino elsewhere, pal—and a mobile ordering and digital payment system that would further speed up the caffeination process. More Starbucks outlets and less human interaction—just what New York needs!

Elsewhere in the land of lattes, a special 15,000-square-foot "reserve roastery" is coming to Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood—a.k.a. the Williamsburg of the West—where they'll focus on their Geisha and Jamaica Blue Mountain offerings. The company plans to showcase these specialty roasts at 100 new stores opening in the next five years. Blue Bottle must be shaking in its coffee sleeve.