As every New Yorker knows, restaurants are a vital part of any neighborhood. One of the best parts of living here is the vast array of places we have to eat on any given night, even during a global pandemic.

Now that we're deep into summer and the city's back open in a way that seemed unfathomable not so long ago, New Yorkers can keep the feeling alive with a great meal, made with love, delivered directly to our homes with Grubhub! Plus, diners can donate the change and round up their orders to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to the Restaurant Strong Fund to support local restaurants impacted by the pandemic. It's the most delicious way to support your local favorites or try something new.

Gothamist and Grubhub are teaming up to celebrate amazing restaurants that, whether they’re a few blocks from your place or a bike ride away, are NYC favorites that we think you’ll love too. Next up: SoHo

From "secret" artist haven to luxury residential district to tourist shopping mecca, SoHo has undergone a ton of changes throughout the years. Thankfully, the neighborhood's official designation as the Soho-Cast Iron Historic District ensures that the architectural character of the community won't change anytime soon--there are more cast iron buildings here than anywhere else in the world, and they're all protected by law--but the area's vibrant food and nightlife scene today makes it equally certain that there will always be new restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and bars to check out as well.

Equally important to preserving the community's vitality: some of SoHo's most venerable shops and restaurants have managed to stick around through all the street-level shifts over the past few decades, and it's not all high-end places either. There are plenty of first-rate neighborhood joints and take out spots from which you can get a great meal delivered right to your home via Grubhub.

Grubhub makes it easy to comfortably, safely enjoy a satisfying meal here, and support your favorite local places while doing so. And if you're new to the area, or just want to try somewhere new, here are a few suggestions to get started.

SoHo Diner

Doing the faux-retro diner thing is a tricky business--it can easily become too much of touristy theme park, or cost way more than you'd want for classic comfort food dishes--but SoHo Diner, which opened at the end of 2019 on the ground floor of a ritzy boutique hotel on West Broadway, pulls it off with aplomb. The sprawling menu has eggs, pancakes, burgers, fries, tuna melts, soups, salads, random stuff, milkshakes, pies... there's pretty much something here for every craving you might have, and it's all really good, too.

For a more "authentic" diner experience, there's always the Landmark Coffee Shop and Pancake House, which has been holding it down since 1962 on Grand Street. Stick with the breakfast side of things here, is my advice. And the always-popular SoHo Park on the corner of Prince and Lafayette has lots of good comfort food dishes as well, like burgers, fried pickles, and Buffalo wings.

SoHo Diner is located at 320 West Broadway - Order Now

Upside Pizza

This is cheating a bit, since this newish, altogether fantastic slice joint is technically located a block away from SoHo, on Spring and Mulberry in Nolita, but Noam Grossman's Upside Pizza makes some of the absolute best pies in town, whether they're the fat, chewy Sicilian kind or made up of classic NYC folds. The Pepperoni slices are excellent, as are the straight-up Cheese, the Mushroom, the Vodka, the Sausage and Peppers, and the Upside Down, but if you're in the mood for something a little different, try Grossman's Sunny Goldstein, topped with sauce made from sweet sungold tomatoes.

Over on the other side of Spring Street, at the corner of Thompson, the old-school Famous Ben's Pizza has been slinging decent Sicilian-style slices and pies since 1977, as well as calzone and pastas. And Rubirosa on Mulberry Street (yes, like Upside, also technically Nolita), is well-liked for its thin-crusted pies, so much so that it's often hard to get a seat inside, so delivery via Grubhub might be your best bet.

Upside Pizza is located at 51 Spring Street - Order Now

The Dutch

Chef Andrew Carmelli owns and operates a lot of very good restaurants in this town, from Lafayette on Lafayette (home to some of the best French Fries in the city, among other, pricier delights) to the great new burgers-shakes-and-fries joint Mister Dips at the Seaport. But his best spot in NYC may still be The Dutch, which has been packing them in at the corner of Sullivan and Prince Streets for more than 10 years now. Get the Hot Fried Chicken, the Hanger Steak with Kimchi Fried Rice, the stack of Cornmeal Flapjacks... really get anything here and you'll be happy. It's not cheap, but oh man is it good.

Lure Fishbar, part of the top-notch Mercer Street Hospitality Group, is another higher-priced but very good delivery option in SoHo, with lots of sushi options, a first-rate Lobster Roll, and, for now, the excellent Bash Burger, courtesy of sister restaurant Burger and Barrel. More very good sushi can also be had at the SoHo classic, Blue Ribbon Sushi on Sullivan Street.

The Dutch is located at 131 Sullivan Street - Order Now

M&O Market and Deli

Because sometimes--many times, really--you just want a really great sandwich, know that the M&O Market and Deli, located at Thompson and Prince Streets, makes some of the very best in town, in all categories. Yes, it looks like just another of NYC's thousands of corner markets, but there's sandwich magic being made at the back counter. You can't go wrong here, so just follow your cravings wherever they may lead, whether to the Famous BLT, the Cajun Roast Beef, the Spicy Italian Combo, the House Pastrami, or any of the other dozens of choices. Oh, and always get a Portuguese Roll. This place is a treasure.

A different kind of sandwich experience awaits at the decade-old Ba'al Cafe and Falafel on Sullivan Street, with a full menu of pitas stuffed with, for example, Falafel (obviously), or Halal Chicken, or Hummus, or Babaganoush. And over at Butterfunk Biscuit, a ghost kitchen on Vandam Street, you can order hearty beasts like a Crispy Fried Chicken Biscuit or a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit.

M&O Market and Deli is located at 124 Thompson Street -- Order Now


Speaking of sandwiches, they don't get much better than the beauties from Parm, the only affordable "brand" in the Major Food Group empire (Carbone, Sadelle's and The Grill are more typically-priced ventures from the team). Obviously the Chicken Parm and the Meatball Parm Heroes are great, and the House Turkey was something of cult favorite in the early 20teens, and the Mozz Sticks are some of the best in the city, and the pasta is awesome, especially that "Carbone Rigatoni," but our favorite thing here has to be the amazing Roast Beef Sandwich, among the best we've ever eaten.

Good pasta can also be ordered from Pepe Rosso on Sullivan Street (the spicy Parpadelle with Sausage is our go-to here), and the new Coco Pazzeria at the western end of Spring Street serves some exciting baked pastas, pizzas, stuffed focaccia, and pizza dough sandwiches called Panozzi.

Parm is located at 248 Mulberry Street -- Order Now

Vesuvio Bakery

SoHo may have more sensational sweets and pastries than any other neighborhood in Manhattan, and we might as well start here with the century-old Vesuvio Bakery, which first fired up its coal ovens on Prince Street in 1920--imagine how different this block was then!--and continues on today, albeit under new ownership. No matter! The cookies, croissants, and loaves of bread, which come in varieties like Hazelnut Fig and Olive Rosemary, are all good, and the neighborhood is just a better place with that historic green facade in it.

Other delightful baked goodies in the area can be found at places like the very Greek Pi Bakerie on Broome Street, which also features a bunch of good savory items on its extensive menu; Brigadeiro Bakery on Sullivan Street, specializing in that decadent, balled-up Brazilian dessert; Maman on Centre Street, home of one of the city's great chocolate chip cookies; and Cafe Belle on Mulberry Street, a third-generation Italian bakery with Rainbow Cookies to die for.

Vesuvio Bakery is located on 160 Prince Street -- Order Now

As more restaurants have opened up throughout the city, New Yorkers can keep supporting these institutions by exploring new spots or ordering their favorite meals with Grubhub. Consider supporting a neighborhood business and treat yourself to some delicious food delivered right to your door!