Ever since reading about it in Manhattan User's Guide, Gothamist has come to love Manhattan Waiter, a blog devoted to the server's life. Paul Thacker tends to start each post with a pithy quote from a fellow waiter/waitress (we like, in particular, this one from a waiter at Craft: "The average sheep, restaurant patron doesn't know what goes on behind the scenes. I do, and that gives me the ability to see in different dimensions, through walls.") and then delves into issues like bad tipping, crappy customers, and the whole bottled vs. tap water debate. It's a must read for anyone who eats in restaurants.

NY magazine named Lever House as having the best service. What are your picks for great service at non-posh places? We're inordinately fond of Patisserie Margot and Spoons Squared (both take-out).