A retired NYPD lieutenant is suing Bumble Tuna and Costco after choking on a bone that turned up in his tuna fish sandwich two years ago. In May 2007, Bob McKenna was eating lunch at home on Staten Island when an inch-and-a-quarter-long curved fishbone that was mixed into the tuna got lodged in his throat. He tells the Daily News, "I was choking on that bone for more than a minute. It felt like forever." After "nearly blacking out," McKenna managed to cough it up, but that was only the beginning of what court papers describe as "permanent and emotional pain and suffering."

"I can't even be near tuna now. Like a fish fillet sandwich? Forget it," McKenna says, and tells the Staten Island Advance, "I loved tuna." But the memories of that horrible day resurface at the mere thought of solid white albacore, which he argues is hurting his business as a private investigator, because he can't attend any client meetings where fish is served. McKenna says he even had to cower in a corner of a boat during a fishing trip with potential clients when they callously carved a freshly caught fish into sashimi. And night after night, Charlie the Tuna, Big Tuna from The Office, and members of '70s blues-rock band Hot Tuna haunt his dreams.

After an electron microscope proved that the object in McKenna's sandwich was a fishbone, Bumble Bee mailed him a letter of apology and coupons good for two cans of tuna. But that felt like a slap in the face to McKenna, so he angrily shredded them. He's now filing his $100,000 lawsuit against Bumble Bee and Costco (where the tuna was purchased) without legal representation, because a lawyer he consulted wouldn't take the case.