kiss-this.jpg Crossover in the entertainment industry is as prevalent as Dunkin' Donuts built next to Weight Watchers. You have music stars breaking in movies, actors releasing albums, sports stars invading reality TV and you know they’ve all released a line of clothing and a perfume or two. That being said we’re still not sure if we should be shocked that apparently the next frontier for these enterprising celebrities is the world of wine.

Famous people dabbling in wine is not a new concept. Francis Ford Coppola has had wonderful success with his Niebaum-Coppala vineyards. However, what is surprising is the new batch of celebrities that are branding the bottles. The De Long Wine Moment recently released a poll to determine the most outrageous wines of 2006, and sure enough, many of the top nominees are names that we’ve all heard before, just not in the wine store.

And the nominees are:

Diesel Farm Rosso di Rosso 1999, around $225
Perhaps this is easiest way to make $150 jeans seem like a bargain. We haven’t tried this wine yet, but if they can do with wine what they’ve done for millions of flat-bums worldwide, then maybe they have a chance. This wine, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is described as a traditional wine with a twist. At $225 a bottle, this better be one impressive twist.

Mike Ditka Kick Ass Red, around $50

We can picture it now: Bears fans everywhere putting down their frosty Miller Lights to crack up a bottle of Kick Ass Red to watch the Sunday game. This latest venture from Mike Ditka took us a little off guard. But Ditka assures us that this blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Syrah is “outrageously good”. What, like you’re going to tell him it’s not?

KISS THIS, around $100

And for $100, it better kiss back. This wine, whose label commemorates the artwork from KISS’s 4th studio album, Destroyer, is produced by Celebrity Cellars, a company that works with the famous to create customized wines. With its rich notes of plum and cassis wrapped around a firm structure of tannins and body, it just screams Kiss fan to us. Oh, and did we mention that it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity? Apparently the world of wine counterfeiters has grown bored with first growth Bordeaux.

Read about the other nominees here.

For new ventures these wines certainly don’t come cheap. Who knows, maybe these wines are worth it, or maybe the Levitra commercial residuals have stopped rolling in?