You're spoiled for choice when trying to decide on a restaurant along 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen, where both lines of the thoroughfare are practically drowning in dining options. The latest of those is Zora's Cafe, a mother-daughter venture opening between 48th and 49th Streets this (Friday) evening. That's only a few blocks from the Richard Rodgers Theatre, if you Hamilton obsessives are keeping track.

Linda and Zora Browne are offering some classic—and not so classic—soul food dishes like crunchy fried chicken, fried green tomatoes and fried fish, but with a mind towards the meat- and gluten-free among us. Those tomatoes and the fish are cornmeal-battered and safe for gluten-averse, as are most of the sides with the exception of the macaroni and cheese, which is mercifully not made with that Something's Not Quite Right rice pasta.

Vegans can enjoy their collard greens sans pork, though the pig can be added in if desired. The entrees are all meat-leaning but one could make a meal of white rice topped with red beans, fried tomatoes and some puffy hush puppies to start.

712 Ninth Avenue, 212-757- 5888;

Zora's Cafe Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd