We were just talking about how some people don't have enough respect for Staten Island, and what do you know, today brings yet another example. Despite a robust car culture on the island, it seems our city's many food trucks are not so hot on the least populous borough. How cool are they to the Island? The city, which had to cancel its food truck bonanza by the Ferry Terminal because of the hurricane, is actively seeking more street vendors for the borough and is coming up empty handed.

Currently only 14 vendors are licensed to sell on Staten (as opposed to the maximum 50 in each of the other boroughs, which also all have waiting lists) and the city is trying to up that number. However, despite its efforts the Post today reports that they've been coming up short. Which doesn't really track to us. Yes, Staten Island doesn't have the foot traffic of the other five boroughs, but neither does LA—where our food truck renaissance quite arguably began. It's true a truck on the South Shore probably isn't going to do boffo business, but a well placed truck (or five) by the Ferry Terminal and in denser areas like St. George and Stapleton really should be able to support themselves.

Plus, Staten Island seems as good a place for all those displaced Midtown food trucks as Queens!