The East Village's long, bacon-scented local nightmare is finally sort of over. The 14th Street IHOP's intense bacon smell has been vanquished! Thank you, $40,000 "hog-smog" industrial strength odor-eater!

"I can smell something now, but it doesn’t assault you. It would be the same as if you were walking down the hallway and you smelled a neighbor’s cooking," one neighbor whose nose has been over-porked this year told East Village Local. "That’s livable. It’s nothing like it had been before. Nothing."

The pricy odor destroyer was installed on Tuesday, months after it was initially promised (it had to be custom built, apparently). Still, neighbors are waiting before delivering a final verdict on the bacon smell: "Until enough time goes by, and a breeze is coming through my window and there’s nothing on it, I’m not cracking the bottle of champagne. But I have high hopes," one said.

Meanwhile, if it does come back? We'd be happy to sublet.