Welcome back to another installment of Ethnic Eating Adventures, in which we travel far and wide to discover the hidden culinary delights of New York City. Today, we're heading to Jackson Heights for some hearty Mexican fare at Taqueria Coatzingo.

Never mind the rumbling 7 train overhead and the gaudy neon decor inside: Taqueria Coatzingo, on the main drag of Roosevelt Ave in Jackson Heights, means serious gut-busting business. There's a smaller Coatzingo a few blocks up, but the one at 76th St is the main branch, and the best—and it's open until 3 a.m.

Get a load of the giant hunk of pork rotating on a spit in the window, topped with pineapple and onion to slowly marinade the meat while it turns—that's for tacos al pastor. Get an order, and maybe one of lengua (tender, beefy-tasting tongue) too. You'll be glad you did. Bonus points for corn tortillas that don't disintegrate under the weight of the taco juice. Then move on to a giant cauldron of posole, a traditional Mexican soup studded with oversized hominy (corn kernels soaked in a lime solution) and ribbons of fatty, salty pork, served with a DIY toppings bar of onions, cilantro and lime.

Other safe bets include the cemitas, giant sandwiches slathered with Oaxacan string cheese, refried beans, avocado, peppers, and various meats on eggy sesame-seed bread; or, simply point at whichever of the day's rotating specials look best. (Goat stew? Yes please.) For the ultimate Jackson Heights meal, waddle out from Coatzingo and head a few blocks north to Al Naimat, an Indian pastry shop with a rainbow-colored display of bite-sized sweets. It's fusion dining at its finest!