Welcome back to another installment of Ethnic Eating Adventures, in which we travel far and wide to discover the hidden culinary delights of New York City. For today's adventure, we're visiting Sheepshead Bay to stuff our gullets full of heavy, infinitely satisfying Georgian food at Pirosmani.

Pirosmani, named after the Georgian painter, is one of the city's very few Russian restaurants, and it first glance, you might not have high hopes for the meal that is to come. But never mind the tacky murals on the wall or the occasional homesick Georgian warbling away on the karaoke machine in the back—focus on the food and you'll do just fine.

Georgians are known for their prowess with bread, so start yourself off with the gut-busting experience that is khachapuri adjaruli, a boat-shaped flatbread filled with tangy, melty suluguni cheese, then topped with a baked egg and a stick of butter. Seriously. Mix the toppings into a gloriously cholesterol-heavy paste and rip that bread apart with your hands. You're welcome. After that, get some vegetables into your system, kind of, with a platter of fried potatoes and oyster mushrooms, each tuber fantastically crisp and salty.

Save some of those potatoes to dip into the juice from the chkmeruli, garlic fried chicken, which arrives in a searing-hot cast-iron pan brimming with garlicky oil; the gravy is so addictive that we have witnessed some depraved patrons hoarding it into their empty wine glasses. Which reminds us, Pirosmani is BYOB, so maybe that karaoke isn't such a fat-fetched possibility, after all.