2005_10_food_tonycover.jpgTime Out New York came out with their Essential New York issue yesterday, which included various and sundry food picks. Now we can't personally vouch for some of them, since we haven't hit them up yet, so if you have an opinon, let us know:
* Late night chicken: Big Arc chicken, 233 First Ave between 13th & 14th Sts.
* Vegetarian restaurant: Counter, 108 First Ave between 6th & 7th Sts.
* Overlooked midtown lunch spot: AQ Cafe, 58 Park between 37th & 38th
* Sunday barbecue (which, unfortunately, wraps up on Halloween), Lillie's, 46 Beard St. at Dwight Street, Red Hook

We do, however, have some opinions on these:
* Gelato: Cones, 272 Bleecker between Morton and Jones Sts.: Cones can't stand up to Otto or Il Laboratorio, in our opinion.
* Inexpensive but trustworthy sushi: Yama (various locations): We'll take this one, but there are more inexpensive and trustworthy places out there, like Esahi in the East Village.
* Bar in which to host a birthday party: the Magician: Yes, despite not being a hipster, we had our birthday there, and although some might disagree, they were in attendance at said birthday party.
* Olive emporium: Sahadi's, 187 Atlantic Ave. between Court and Clinton Sts.: Yes, we adore it.
* Sandwich: Nicky's Vietnamese, 150 E. 2nd St. between Aves A & B: Better and cheaper banh mi are to be had at Banh Mi So. 1 and Saigon Bahn Mi.
* Spice collection: Kalustyans, 123 Lexington Ave at 28th St.: Definitely -- you can smell it as you walk by on the sidewalk.

What are some of your essentials?