The longstanding punk rock watering hole Manitoba's closed this week, EV Grieve reports.

The East Village dive—owned by Handsome Dick Manitoba, of the band The Dictators—had been a mainstay in the neighborhood for 20 years. A photo booth, jukebox, and punk rock memorabilia sat inside the cozy dive, a spot where you could drink long into the night. Manitoba confirmed the news in an Instagram post yesterday, in which he said that he'll keep Manitoba's website going so as to keep it "alive in an online museum way."

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OK so the bar closed officially we have about 8000 fans my thinking is to write a really cool paragraph with a cool picture saying in essence that historically, the neighborhood and the culture is either virtually dead or completely dead .....on it’s last legs Still standing was MANITOBA’S in spite of the fact that we’ve closed we know that people from all over the world and all over America for 20 years have excitedly entered our doors Loving a bar if there is such a thing as loving a bar ..This wasn’t “bar” to them, It was a special unpretentious relaxed home away from home all this being said we thought we would keep MANITOBA’S BAR it’s history it’s Photos going as a momento a rememberance Still keeping alive in an online museum way our culture that means so much to us MANITOBA’ will continue to be online NEVER FORGET! Sent from my iPhone 69

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The same day Manitoba posted about the bar's closure, he put up a "business for sale" sign photo on Instagram, adding: "So I hear from one of my bartenders that there’s no money to open up the bar today after having discussions with many people I offered to put up money to buy product to open up the bar and keep it open for at least a while." Manitoba, who told EV Grieve that he had more of a front of house role as of late, had other people managing the legal paperwork for the bar. He didn't reveal why Manitoba's had closed, but speculated that it had been the doing of his "big rock-star partner," as he put it. "It’s an educated guess because nobody else had the right to say that unless it was people we owed money to," he said.

Back in 2015, Manitoba's was in danger of closing. The bar crowdfunded to stay open following a lawsuit filed by Luigi Girotto, a man who has sued local businesses, Manitoba's included, for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. He sued Manitoba's for not having an exterior ramp, and for its bar not being an accessible height, according to court documents.

We've reached out to Manitoba's and will update when we know more.