Listen, we all know that cramped conditions on airplanes can lead to things like flight diversions and even fisticuffs. So can we really blame a shipment of live crabs aboard a flight from LaGuardia for bursting from their cargo container in search of more claw room? This is America; people have fought over far less.

Last night, a US Airways flight bound for Charlotte, NC was delayed for 30 minutes while the plane's crew attempted to wrangle some rogue crustaceans who had fled their cages for the wilds of the cargo hold. According to NBC New York, the crew "scurried to sweep the crustaceans out of the plane, which then continued safely to its destination." Crab boil on the tarmac! Who's bringing the Old Bay?

There are certainly more alarming things that have been loose in plane cabins before and the crabs never made it to the passenger area, so low-risk for a pincer to the ankle. And now the crab nets have finally been opened for the much-awaited sequel to Sam Jackson's finest role: Crustaceans On A Plane. Make it happen, SyFy.