There'll be another addition to our growing barbecue scene come this summer when pig man Tyson Ho opens his whole hog and beer hall in East Williamsburg. The Flushing-born pit master—who trained with lauded NC master Ed Mitchell—brings his pop-up pork feasts Hot Days Of Summer into a more permanent format with a new venture at 173 Morgan Avenue, according to Serious Eats.

The enormous, 5,000 square foot indoor/outdoor space will specialize in communal pig picking-style dining with swine they'll smoke on-site. "That's the thing about North Carolina barbecue: pig picking is a party," Ho tells the blog. Hopefully this means lots of beer-fueled hands-in-the-piggy kinds of evenings. In addition to the big pigs, Ho and crew are bringing in country hams from around the country for a fully fleshed porcine experience.