First came slutty egg sandwiches, now it's a frozen dessert. NYC continues its role as host for L.A.-based foodstuffs next week with the arrival of MILK, an ice cream purveyor specializing in gigantic ice cream sandwiches made with macaron, the delicate French cookies. Starting June 21st, the shop will operate a Little Italy ice cream pop-up featuring scoops and the sandwiches, which often come coated in cereal. Because of course.

Ice cream scoops (one to three, $4 - $8) come in Banana Dulce de Leche, Thai Tea, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Mango flavors, among others. Some of those same flavors are also packed into the macaron sandwiches ($6), with additional Grasshopper, Coffee Toffee and Fruit Loops [sic] flavors, too.

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LAist is well-versed in the macaron ice cream sandwich game, and describe MILK as an "ice cream institution" boasting a "line that wraps around the building on most days"—but they say it's "worth the wait."

MILK was kind enough to gift Gothamist with some sandwiches and pints yesterday and we'd have to agree with our West Coast counterpoints. The ice cream was rich and not overly sweet, while the macaron had a crisp exterior with a gooier center, just as the cookies should be.

The MILK pop-up runs from June 21st - June 25th at 52 Kenmare Street