It's time to bid farewell to Sunday and gear up for another 40 hours of alarm clocks, work, and crowded commutes. The daily grind can be tough, but that doesn't mean it can't also be tasty. Here's a quartet of food and drink events that will give you plenty to nibble on until next weekend.

On Monday get your leis and prepare to luau at Diner because it's Tiki Night. The Williamsburg outpost will be cranking out island vibes while bartenders compete to serve up the very best tropical cocktail that this latitude has to offer. DJs will be playing calypso, reggae, and so much more, plus you'll get the chance to drink out of specially-made ceramic mugs made by Erin Louise Clancy.

Because pouring peppermint schnapps into cocoa doesn't count as cooking, up your seasonal culinary technique at Wednesday'sLocal Roots NYC's winter cooking workshop. Chef Renee Baumann will deliver pointers on how to prepare root vegetables and take advantage of herbs for dishes that branch out beyond the typical roasts and stews.

Also on Wednesday—beer! And lots of it! Beer from breweries all across the five boroughs will be on hand at NYC Brewers Choice, one of the central fixtures of Beer Week, which is happening right now. Sure, maybe every week is beer week for you, but it's rare to get the chance to sample brews from Bridge and Tunnel, Bunker, Other Half, Oxbow Beer, Strong Rope, Threes Brewing and more.

On Thursday and Friday, take further advantage of NYC Beer Week and imbibe at Colicchio, who will be hosting a special five-course dinner with a flight of KelSo beers to match. All you have to do is call and ask for the KelSo dinner.