Left Bank's Timpano

If you missed the 1996 Stanley Tucci movie Big Night, which revolves around a failing Italian restaurant, then you may still be unfamiliar with timpano (also called timballo). In the below scene you'll see a timpano being made from scratch in the movie—the recipe they're using is actually a real Tucci family recipe, which Stanley's grandmother brought over from Calabria, Italy (you can find it in this book they wrote!).

Of course, the best way to experience this massive food beast is by making your own (here's the Tucci recipe), but at least one New York City restaurant is serving it up this month. Chef Laurence Edelman of Left Bank restaurant in Manhattan has created the dish using "everything you want to eat before the world ends." This includes tomato, béchamel, sausage, meatball, boiled egg, spinach, aged provolone, chicken liver, prosciutto cotto, buffalo mozz, parm, soppressata, and fresh garnanelli, with a shell of fresh pasta.

He'll only be serving it up on December 21st (aka end times), and if you want in you'll have to get together some friends, give Left Bank 24 hours notice, and prepare for the $65 per person charge (this also gets you olives, almonds, green salad, sautéed green veg, extra tomato sauce, and extra parm). What, no dessert?