Williamsburg mobile mainstay Endless Summer has dished out tacos to the drinkers of Bedford Avenue for years and now they're taking the operation brick-and-mortar. The team have opened up Endless Summer Sandwich Shop in Bed-Stuy, serving up a new menu of delights between two slices of bread instead of corn tortillas.

The new DeKalb Avenue outpost offers an array of sandwich styles, from a Bahn Mi ($8) with roasted pork and carrots, pickled beets and garlic chips on ciabatta to a BLT ($7) with slow roasted tomatoes on sourdough. As they did with their popular seitan taco, the new shop caters to vegetarians equally well, with five meat-free options including BBQ Squash ($8) and Braised Cauliflower ($7) sandwiches.

The shop isn't much more involved than the taco truck, save for the few stools meant for perching and a roof for inclement weather. They'll operate daily beginning at 10 a.m., concluding service at 10 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Owner Teddy Roland also tells us that the Endless Summer truck will return to Williamsburg's Rocka Rolla this spring after being ousted by the DOH earlier this year.

(courtesy Endless Summer Sandwich)

525 DeKalb Avenue, (917) 947-8787; website