Saturday Night Live celebrates 40 years of hilarious sketches, weekend updating and digital mastery this year and they're finding some pretty sweet ways to celebrate. First, it was some special scoop flavors from Ben & Jerry's and now it's a line of silly candies, chocolates and mints inspired by some of the show's most famous characters and sketches.

Chew on some gummified Super Bass-O-Matic (No fish waste!), gnaw on some Schweddy Balls ( moist) or freshen up with some Debbie Downer mints that "contain urine from unwashed hands." There's also a line of chocolate bars, including a Stefon bar that has everything, including dark chocolate and pop'n rocks candy, and a Ladies Man bar made with classy dark chocolate. And who's for a nice hearty bowl of Colon Blow?

Just like the show itself, some of the creations resonate better than others; you're still annoying in candy form, Gilly! Confectionary and gift company IT'SUGAR, who've produced the sweets, are selling a selection online before the whole kit and kaboodle heads to retail stores on September 13th. If you've ever wanted to tell your friend Jane just how much of an ignorant slut she is, here's your opportunity.