Bethenny Frankel may not technically own Skinnygirl Margartias anymore, but that's not stopping her name from getting dragged through the mud with lawsuit upon lawsuit related to the diet-friendly hooch she created. The latest complaint alleges that the premium "100 percent blue agave tequila" used in the mix is actually just a crappy tequila byproduct.

New York couple Christopher Rapcinsky and Erin Baker—the same couple that sued Skinnygirl for false advertising over the term "all-natural" in September—are at it again, claiming in an amended version of their lawsuit that the tequila is "a lower quality and purity tequila by-product called mixto— essentially a mash of tequila and some unknown additives (rarely organic) which may comprise as much as 49 percent of the final mixed liquor." Lawyer Tom Mullaney, a man of discriminating tastes, added, "100 percent blue agave is not stuff people mix," though clearly he's never enjoyed a Hot Mexican Hooker made with blue agave tequila.

The suit does acknowledge that after Beam Global bought the brand from Frankel, they removed the "100 percent" part from the label and changed it to "premium Blue Agave tequila," but that simply isn't good enough: Skinnygirl's "entire marketing campaign, both its advertising and labeling, is based on falsehoods," says Mullaney. Beam Global called the suit "frivolous" and vowed to defend themselves "vigorously," though truly concerned consumers could just switch to an all-natural shot of Patron instead.