An abandoned fast food joint sure sounds like a strange place to spend Ramadan—but not for a group of Muslims in Sheepshead Bay, who have banded together to turn an erstwhile Burger King into a makeshift mosque.

The Daily News reports that a number of worshippers have temporarily rented out the Burger King on Knapp Street—which has been empty for two years—while they wait for the completion of the building of a new mosque nearby. The makeshift digs are run by the Muslim American Society, which has reportedly had some trouble getting a brick-and-mortar spot built in the area over the years thanks to neighbors' objections. "We’ve impressed on them that we’re not out to hurt anyone," Allowey Ahmed, who tried to build a mosque on his property a few years ago, told the tabloid.

Ramadan began last weekend and ends on July 27th. Observers are not permitted to eat from dawn until sunset, so hopefully all the BK Value Menu signs have been removed from the prayer space. “As long as they don’t bother me, I love everybody,” one neighbor said of the mosque. “They should have kept the Burger King, though. I’m always hungry."