Last week, Disney's Star Wars keepers filed a trademark infringement dispute against Syracuse brewery Empire Brewing Co. over their "Strikes Bock," a seasonal Maibock lager they serve at their onsite brewpub. The beer's been around for years, but recently the Empire Brewing crew tried to trademark the name, sparking Lucasfilm to take legal action over concerns that it would "cause confusion." But Empire Brewing's not ready to give itself over to the Dark Side, and two key members of the Brewer's Rebel Alliance, owner David Katleski and head brewer Tim Butler, have crafted a creative video response that includes a brewpot-stirring Stormtrooper—take a look, and remember that many hops died to bring us this information.

That Chewbacca impression can't hold a candle to Benedict Cumberbatch's, but it's pretty good for a young Skywalker.

[h/t Grub Street]