In the irony to end all ironies, the city's only restaurant dedicated to biscuits will not be open today for National Biscuit Day. Empire Biscuit, the nearly six month old restaurant baking up biscuits 24/7, was forced to close its doors early this morning after a "guest" pulled their fire suppression system, they announced on their Facebook page. The kitchen was flooded with flame-killing chemicals, which have rendered the space temporarily unusable.

They have this saboteur on camera and will see if anything can be done in the form of recompense; in the meantime, biscuit seekers will have to get their fix elsewhere. The team expects to be closed between one and three days, depending on how cleanup goes, but say they'll be baking out of their apartment this morning to feed volunteers for AIDS Walk. They may also celebrate a belated National Biscuit Day sometime next week, selling any item on the menu for just $1 for an hour. Stay tuned to their Facebook for details.

[h/t EV Grieve]