Nine months after it closed, East Village ubër-dive Mars Bar is having a moment. The anarchic bar has a photo show dedicated to it at a fancy clothing shop and, this weekend, the Anthology Film Archive is hosting a far more personal tribute, Jonas Mekas's My Mars Bar Movie.

The 87-minute movie looks at the bar, soon to be replaced with another glass building, from the perspective of a regular. As Mekas puts it in the notes on the film, Mars Bar was "where we went for beer and tequila whenever we had to take a break from our work...It was always open, there was always the jukebox, and very often there was no electricity, and it was old and messy and it didn't want to be any other way—it was the last escape place left in downtown New York. So this is my love letter to it, to my Mars Bar."

So what do you have to look forward to? Here's a taste:

April 13-15, various times // 32 Second Avenue // Tickets $9