Clinton Hill's Emily turns out some of the city's most delicious circular pies and now the team is set to debut what are bound to be equally delicious square pies in Williamsburg. Emily and Matt Hyland told the world last year about their plans to make Detroit-style square pies along with Paulie Gee's alum Lou Tomczak in a small space near their Fulton Street digs. But now the team has revealed to Grub Street that they'll actually be taking their new operation, Emmy Squared, to Williamsburg.

It seems that well-appointed—if off the beaten track—Bill Baker's on Grand Street will be the Hyland's new home, where they'll be dishing up the pizzas plus red sauce Italian sandwiches like chicken parm and an Italian combo. The trio tell Grub Street with the new larger space they'll also be utilizing the on-site bar, plus may add additional topping options and "snacks" of some kind. They're expected to open this spring.

A bigger name like Emily is likely to do better in the space than a newcomer like Bill Baker's. The somewhat tucked away restaurant right next to the BQE on-ramp likely didn't get the kind of foot traffic needed to fill out a restaurant of that size, but Emily has become something of a food destination, both for their pizzas and top-notch burger, and checklist eaters will most certainly make a trip to try out their new offerings.