Winter lager is coming! Though the people of Westeros are more wine drinkers—however improbable good wine is in a fictional land with inconsistent seasons—they do also enjoy a good brew. So of course HBO has teamed up with a brewery to have some special Game of Thrones-themed beers just in time for the show's third season premiere in March.

Yup, come spring New York's Brewery Ommegang, whose logo is already quite Lannister-friendly, will be selling "Iron Throne Blonde Ale." Get it? 'Cause right now the very blonde Joffery sits atop the Iron Throne? Eh? So now you can be fully stocked up when HBO begins airing the fantasy show's third season March 31. And that's not all! After the first one, three more beers are planned with the sequel coming in the fall and the others with future seasons.

We thoroughly support the idea of HBO teaming up with breweries for TV-themed beers. But honestly, weird they didn't do the more obvious Girls-themed PBR first?