While the West Coast based In-N-Out Burger isn’t likely to be coming to the city anytime soon, another out of state burger chain has set its sights on Manhattan. The 4-year-old, Northern Virginia-based Elevation Burger has signed a “multi-unit franchising deal” with local business partners Fabian Rosario and John Harris. The franchise is frequently compared to Five Guys, so it might be speculated that the business will grow just as fast here: two years ago—almost to the day—there was only one Five Guys in New York; there are currently eight in the five boroughs and about a gazillion more scattered in the suburbs like chargrilled fallout.

Burgers at Elevation are made from free-range and grass-fed beef. Additionally, fries are cooked in olive oil, which is unusual in any restaurant kitchen. Elevation Burger also serve two different veggie burgers (one is grilled, one is vegan) and even serves a two-patty punch consisting of ½ beef and ½ vegetable, seemingly designed for Christian Slater's My Own Worst Enemy character(s) or those who just cannot make up their mind. The chain’s “Elevation Sauce” might be secret sauce by any other name, and grilled cheese sandwiches are on the menu. That’s what we know so far.

Locations of the burger chain aim for LEED certification and are outfitted with energy saving equipment; dining rooms have compressed sorghum tabletops and bamboo flooring. Used olive oil drained from the fryers is carted away and converted into biodiesel. The first shop is projected to open this year. Elevation Burger’s New York partners are experienced restaurateurs: Rosario is the co-owner of the pancakes-spring-eternal Downtown Brooklyn IHOP and Harris owns The Spot in Prospect Heights, a bistro that currently has a bunch of mediocre reviews racked up on Yelp. [Photo: WallyG]