702.jpg Now that the holidays are over, the hangovers subsiding and thoughts of American Express bills floating in our heads, the transition back to the real world can be a startling experience. Say goodbye to fresh baked cookies in the shape of snowmen or warm apple pies to fill our tummy and hello to promises of visits to the gym. Being one not to adapt to change all that well, Gothamist has decided to make this transition a little more palatable. Time to bust out the pint glass and the elastic-waist pants…

Our drink of choice to help us through the next few weeks will be the “apple pie”.

Apple Pie:
1 12 oz. bottle of Harpoon Winter Warmer Ale
1 12 oz. bottle of Cider

The apple pie is easy to make and tastes almost as good as the real thing. Combine equal parts of Harpoon Winter Warmer and cider in a pint glass and gently mix (depending on the size of your pint glass, the recipe above serves two). The Harpoon Winter Warmer is a full-bodied ale that is made with of nutmeg and cinnamon. We have used Magners Cider or Woodpecker Cider, but any unflavored cider will do.

Looks like this year is off to a good start already. There’s no reason to let post-holiday stress or new year resolutions get to you. After all the gym will be here all year long, but the Harpoon Winter Warmer is only here for a limited time.