It's been almost four years since the end of Breaking Bad, but the show's legacy lives on in novelty t-shirts, wonderful spin-offs, and the occasional Heisenberg-influenced eateries. The Breaking Bad-themed Walter's Coffee Roastery in Bushwick was a pretty good way to get your C8H10N4O2 fix; the Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up was insanely popular for a few days in the Financial District; and now, we may have the best Walter White-inspired project yet: cocktail bar pop-up ABQ will roll an RV into the city this summer for an interactive cocktail mixing experience.

The Lollipop-run ABQ, which has popped up in London and Paris for the last two years, will open up in July in NYC (it's not yet clear exactly where the RV will be stationed). The RV can accommodate about 30 "cooks" at a time; after getting a welcome drink, patrons are given manuals with instructions on how to cook two molecular cocktails using the elaborate lab set up. One is Saul's C2H6O, which is "a semi frozen cocktail using dry ice and nitrogen cavitation process of rum, pink peppercorn and rose hip;" the other is Blue Flynn, which is "a rum based strawberry infused cocktail using flavoured acids rather than citrus juices" (it also changes color with the addition of acidity).

As you can see in the photos above, the RV is lovingly adorned with various BB references and objects, including the lab coats, Walter White's signature pork pie hat, and the pink teddy bear from season two.

"No doubt ABQ is one of the most interesting and fun project[s] we have built in the last few years and I am happy that finally it is going to be open in NY," Seb Lyall, founder of Lollipop, said in a press release. "It feels like homecoming, given the inspiration behind our concept."

"Lollipop specializes in creating immersive bars and restaurants," Lyall added. "Our company ethos is to build an interactive and experiential setting, which redefines user experience in our venues. We want to bring back ‘the fun’ in going out and we believe drinking is not the only thing which makes for a good experience."

After it opens in July, it will stick around "for a few months;" tickets cost $45-49 for a two-hour stint and three cocktails in the bar. If you're interested in checking it out once it's here, there's a wait list on their website here; there are already over 1,400 people who have signed up, and tickets will be released on a first come first served basis.