Gothamist decided to try Eight Mile Creek (Australian cuisine, not Detroit cuisine) on Mulberry Street this weekend. Somehow, we never got around to going there when it first opened in 2000, although we had headed to its roomy downstairs bar a number of times. The manager asked if we would like to sit outside. It was a lovely night, so of course outside was the only option. Gothamist was giddy at the thought of that, and Jen and Jake high-fived each other. The bartender said, "We don't allow that in here." So Jen shoved Jake, and the bartender approved, "We like that."

Jake and the least manly drink this side of a Shirley TempleJake ordered an Eight Mile Cosmo, and when the manager brought the drink to the table, but offered it to Jen. Jen, feeling quite smug, said, "Actually, it's for him." The manager gave Jake a look and said, "Usually I'd make a joke about your manliness, but I'll just go drink my blood red wine." He also told another table that Jake was drinking the Cosmo, not that there was anything wrong with that. Ah, Gothamist makes friends. However, the manager could not argue with the choices we made for our entrees: Kangaroo loin and rack of lamb.

Loin of kangarooRack of lamb

Barbie shrimpKangaroo was delicious, like very lean steak. The lamb was succulent as well. The manager told Gothamist we had ordered the best things on the menu. We also tried the shrimp with mango salad appetizer - again, a great choice. When K and S showed up a little later, they ordered a beet and rocket salad as well as an artichoke entree. The owner said, "What, you brought vegetarians here?"

ArtichokeBeet and rocket salad

Eight Mile Creek seems like the hangout for Australian ex-pats, as the neighboring table of Aussies was bawdy and raucous, most notably for an Anna Nicole-ish Australian woman who fancied herself very much like Samantha from Sex and the City. All in all, a great New York dining experience: delicious food and great service, plus interesting characters.