For too long bacon lovers have cursed both the darkness and their deceptive, maddeningly inedible, bacon-scented candles. Who hasn't raised a bacon-scented candle to their lips and tried to drink the savory-smelling wax, only to be badly burned by the meretricious aroma and nauseating flavor?

And yet, halfway across America, diners at David Burke’s Primehouse in Chicago can enjoy their bacon candle smell and eat it, too. Primehouse chef Rick Gresh's bacon candle reportedly smells as good as it tastes, and the in-house butcher shop sells it to guests.

All of this has come to light because Chef Gresh is in town for a couple of days cooking at David Burke’s Fishtail on the Upper East Side. We're told his candle is made with rendered bacon fat and stands two inches tall with a vegetable base wick; once lit the candle lets off a bacon aroma and is then poured over dry aged beef, scallop sashimi, "or any other delectable treat worthy enough to be covered in bacon." Hm, how about pouring it directly down our throats, does that work?

The edible candle is not currently used at David Burke's restaurants in New York—though it would fit right in at the eccentrically festive Townhouse—but you can order it from Chicago by calling (312) 660-6000. It costs $5, plus shipping and handling.