The Eden Local restaurant opening Thursday inside the Cachet Boutique NYC Hotel won't source its ingredients from the sumptuous garden of biblical fame that grew "every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food," so the New York City greenmarkets will have to do. Chef David Laris, who's run restaurants around the world, will reportedly make his chefs travel to farmer's markets at least three times a week to source ingredients for the menu, which traverses the "wellness" terrain without leaning fully into treacly territory.

Laris himself is vegan and there are many vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes on offer, from Executive Chef Frances Tariga. Seasonal vegetables are served with hummus and an ancient grains salad also meets the gluten-free criteria. As do meat-based dishes including Grilled Octopus ($16) with chimichurri and Poached Atlantic Cod ($29) seasoned with Calabrian chili and black garlic.

A Heritage Pork Belly ($29) with kimchi and gochujang and a Dry Aged Burger ($17) topped with white cheddar and charred onions satisfy more extravagant cravings.

The cocktail menu is where you'll find some forbidden fruit, including the Rose in the Garden ($15) made with Absolute Vodka, St Germain, fresh lemon, local strawberry, rose and prosecco. The bar also makes fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Laris will also be consulting chef for the Playboy Club when it relaunches inside the hotel later this year and will run another restaurant, Bellbrook, inside the hotel, too.

510 W 42nd Street; reservations

Eden Local Dinner Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

Eden Local Dessert Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

Eden Local Cocktail Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

Eden Local Wine Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd