2005_05_food_econcandy.jpgWhen was the last time you had Fun Dip, or those wax candy lips . . . or what about a Cadbury Crunchie bar? Whatever your candy craving, you'll most likely find it at Economy Candy, a Lower East Side institution since 1937. If you haven't made it down there, it's certainly worth the trip, whether you're looking to stroll down a sugar-paved memory lane or you just want a new way to get your carb fix. Sugar-free? They've got it. Bulk candy? Sure. Giant Pez dispensers and Pixy Stix? Yup.

In case you're not in the mood for candy, Economy Candy also stocks their shelves (which are virtually floor-to-ceiling, in order to pack in all the goodness) with gourmet delights, from nuts and dried fruit to oils and vinegars.

But, for Gothamist, it's really all about the chocolate. Last time we stopped in, we left with one small treat -- a dark-chocolate covered Oreo. And it was perfect.


Economy Candy, 108 Rivington Street, 800-352-4544 (or order online from their website, but we think it's more fun to shop in person).