Employing technology to further advancements in dining continues an upward trajectory, from solar panels on food carts to the further reliance on tablet systems. Eatsa, the California transplant bringing more quinoa bowls to Midtown, looks both behind and ahead for its food delivery system, borrowing elements from the automat era as well as the iPad/phone-obsession most of us just can't quit.

Here's how it goes:

The chainlet, which debuts on Madison Avenue on Friday, has been popular in health-forward spots like Los Angeles, and now it's betting New Yorkers will want to go wild for things like Hummus & Falafel Bowls, No Worry Curry Bowls, and Berry Chia Parfaits. At least the price is a totally normal amount to spend on lunch: everything's $6.95.

285 Madison Avenue; eatsa.com