historyofmarions.jpgMarion's Continental, a longtime Bowery presence is revamping its annex -- where once shimmied the go-go boys (Avenue Q writer Jeff Whitty among them at one point) an old favorite bar and dining room is now reborn. When Michael Howett and Richard Bach first opened the place on Elizabeth Street, it was the first bar and dining room there and those who knew it remember the nude paintings, eccentricities, ancient wine bottles and tchotchkes well. So well that customers asked after them for years -- til now, when all the nude paintings you could be missing are rightfully rehung, this time in the basement. The dining angle is mostly tapas and some main courses, from all over, well complimented by wine and a bar that focuses heavily on the whiskey. As much as thouse nudes may remind you of figure study classes, the whiskey will bring you back even quicker. For those missing The Slide, the gay, gay, gay space M & R took over, we'd recommend the awesome Mr. Black's, just a few blocks away (Tricia Romano looks at the bar's main attraction to NSFW results).

M & R Bar and Dining Room
354 Bowery, betweem Great Jones and East Fourth Streets
(212) 475-7621