2004_10_food_wylie.JPGUpon entering Time Out New York's Eating & Drinking event at Splashlight Studios the other night, Gothamist felt a little like we had wandered into a fashion event rather than a food event -- stark white walls, dj_cat's 80's music blaring, and tall, thin, beautiful people who certainly looked like they didn't spend all that much time eating. But after we got over feeling a little like Team Party Crash and getting over the fact that we were about a foot shorter than everyone there, we relaxed and joined in the festivities. The event celebrated the launch of TONY's latest Eating and Drinking guide by featuring over 35 restaurants featured within and bringing together some of the city's most famous chefs, including Wylie Dufresne of WD-50. With two floors of tasty delights to choose from, we opted out of Wylie's pickled beef tongue sandwich (sorry, Wylie, tongue still freaks us out a little), and headed upstairs to taste some of the international cuisine featured there.

We started with a visit to Mexico for Alma's pork carnitas with tangy pickled onions and creamy guacamole and Pampano's tostada de salmon en escabeche, which was fresh and flavorful, with a hint of coconut milk. Moving on to Italy, we stoped at Crispo for prosciutto with parmesan and pears, simple and elegant, and then to Peasant, for some of the lightest, most pillowy gnocchi we've tasted in ages. We were ready to move on to dessert.

2004_10_food_gaufrette.JPGWhen Gothamist went to Harvest on the Square recently, we were dazzled by Chef Cyril Renaud of Fleur de Sel, whose fois gras and quail terrine was our surprise favorite of the night. With this in mind, we passed by Serendipity 3's famous "Frrrozen Hot Chocolate" and Ciao Bella's gelato (and it's tough for us to pass up gelato) and headed straight to Fleur de Sel's table, where they were laying out delicate gaufrettes au chocolate with coconut and caramel -- rich, not too gooey, and a great balance between the dark chocolate and the sweet coconut and caramel. Clearly we need to stop by the restaurant at some point soon to savor his cooking in context.

As the party wound down, Gothamist lingered to do a last bit of mixing and mingling with the beautiful people before heading home. Oddly enough, we didn't see ourselves on Page Six the next day. Hmm. Must work on that.

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