Mega-eater William Simmons, known to his fans as "El Wingador," pleaded guilty yesterday to second-degree cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

The 51-year-old five-time wing eating champ, who last dominated Philadelphia's Wing Bowl in 2005, faces seven years in a state penitentiary pending sentencing on September 20. He acknowledged he possessed between a half-ounce and five ounces of cocaine at the time he was caught, and even admitted he was using "a little bit" when cops questioned him during a traffic stop in Mullica Hill, New Jersey in June. (For a man who packed away 162 wings in one sitting, a "little bit" is a relative term.)

Simmons retired from competitive wing-eating for good in 2012, though his his other accomplishments include launching a line of licensed El Wingador sauces and wings. In 2012, filmmaker Errol Morris had this to say about the now- fallen Wingador:

El Wingador is a man truly committed to a certain kind of excellence — or at least, a certain kind of excess. Sure, I could have picked a different eating champion, but I guess I have an affinity for chicken. It is evident that chicken is his favorite competition food — particularly chicken wings. I asked him, “Why not hot dogs?” The simple and compelling answer: “Hey, my name is ‘El Wingador,’ not ‘El Hotdogador.’