Nuteria is dead, so long live Nutella Bar! Fancy food market Eataly opens their permanent branded eatery dedicated to the chocolate spread today, following a pop-up iteration from a year ago that apparently did well enough to warrant a forever home inside the Italian giant.

This evening at 5 p.m., the bar will begin service of Nutella-based treats like waffles and crepes drizzled with the goods, Nutella gelato, pastries filled with Nutella and other innovative ways of stuffing the chocolate spread into food products. They've apparently devised a way of integrating Nutella into coffee, which I imagine has been played out in college dorms across the country for years.

As with any grand opening worth its sugar, the bar will be giving away free "mini cones filled with warm Nutella" for the first 300 people who were willing to brave the market during rush hour. If they're anything like the other Nutella cones, they'll probably be tasty but not enough to fill severe Nutella hankerings. For that, you'll need something more along these lines: