Melted cheese, warming wines, and all the cozy winter feels - these are just a few of the things you can expect to find at SERRA ALPINA, Eataly NYC Flatiron’s newest winter-themed restaurant on the roof.

On November 5, Eataly transformed once again its rooftop restaurant into a seasonal wonderland. Inspired by the Stella Alpina, a rare flower found in the Italian Alps across northern Italy, SERRA ALPINA offers a cozy atmosphere, breathtaking views of the New York City skyline, and traditional Alpine cuisine.

Interested diners can escape the freezing streets of Manhattan and cozy up in the winter restaurant overlooking the iconic Flatiron building. Twinkling lights and snowy branches adorn the “greenhouse” ceiling while rustic tables, warm flannel blankets, and furry rugs create the ultimate snug experience.

As is custom with Eataly’s seasonal restaurant, the chefs at SERRA ALPINA have introduced a winter menu focused on traditional fare from the Italian Alps. Typical dishes include raclette, a wheel of cheese melted over an open flame and served on top of fried potatoes, prosciutto, or pickled vegetables; gnocchi alla Romana, pillowy semolina dumplings with a taleggio cheese fonduta and seasonal mushrooms; and maiale alla birra, beer-braised pork with local New York apples.

To pair with these warming dishes, a variety of winter-infused cocktails and northern Italian wines have also been added to the menu. Guests can complete their meal with creative drinks infused with mountain herbs and Italian bitters. Must trys include the Nocella Manhattan, an Italian twist on the classic with bourbon, Nocello walnut liqueur, and walnut bitters, as well as the Città della Notte, a mixture of gin, Italian Amari, and honey syrup. Perhaps the most signature cocktail of the Alpine-themed restaurant is the Stella Alpina Vin Brulè, an Italian twist on mulled wine where sparkling Moscato d’Asti is steeped with orange peel, warming spices, and “stella alpina,” or star anise.

SERRA ALPINA boasts more than 35 different amari, or Italian bitters, making it one of the largest libraries of Italian amari in the city. A traditional Italian digestif, amari are made from herbs, barks, seeds, spices, peels, flowers, and botanicals originally by monks and friars across Italy. The herb-infused liquid is believed to help one digest after a big meal and warm up on cold winter days.


Of course, no Italian restaurant would be complete without wine. Staying true to its mountain theme, SERRA ALPINA is pouring interesting wines from the hills of northern Italy, which were shaped by slow-moving glaciers over thousands of years ago. This unique terrain offers an elevated and naturally-irrigated place for vines to flourish, resulting in well-balanced bottles with a great taste.

SERRA ALPINA by Birreria isn’t the first themed pop-up the Eataly U.S. flagship store has opened this year. In spring 2018, Eataly NYC Flatiron launched the first edition of SERRA by Birreria. Meaning “greenhouse” in Italian, the concept has aimed to offer not only a seasonal menu with quality ingredients from farmers in Italy and the U.S., but also a seasonal look and feel. In September, Eataly transformed SERRA from a summery botanical greenhouse into a fall, apple-infused space called SERRA d’AUTUNNO.

SERRA ALPINA by Birreria is located on the 14th floor of Eataly NYC Flatiron on the corner of 23rd street and 5th avenue and is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. To explore the menu and make a reservation, please visit

This post is written by Gothamist sponsorship staff on behalf of Eataly.