The Eataly wine store may be temporarily closed, but the Batali and Bastianch-led Italian market mecca has big plans for NYC domination—and beyond! At an event last night at the market's educational outlet La Scuola Grande, Eataly CEO Oscar Farinetti revealed plans to open two more Eataly branches in New York City, both located in Manhattan.

First up, a spot at 4 WTC, which was dangled last week and more or less confirmed last night. The third outpost would be "uptown," but more specifics were not revealed. It seems Farinetti may have spilled the beans just a bit, as a spokesperson hedged their bets to GrubStreet, saying that they could only confirm they were "interested" but that "nothing has been set yet." The market-restaurant hybrid opened a Chicago outlet last year and now it looks like they've set their sights on Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Deflection aside, Farinetti went on to explain that each Eataly store actually has a theme, and the downtown outlet would be identified as "Peace." As anyone who's attempted to navigate the crowds at the USA Flagship in Flatiron knows, the experience is anything but peaceful. Be that as it may, maybe the new locations will help thin the herds.