Last month, we presented our NYC Bingo Card, featuring squares filled with some beloved (and a few dreaded) New York City sights. A bodega cat, mismatched subway seats, Michael Shannon, a parade of E trains while you're waiting on a C, and so on. Now we're digging into the city's many quintessential food offerings—above, behold our new Bingo card (larger version here), created by Brooklyn based artist and illustrator Sarah Butler.

Read up on some items and places you'll find on the card:

A Gem Spa egg cream. (Photo by Gretchen Robinette / Gothamist)

So what now? Print out the bingo card and see what you find out there, or use it as an excuse to eat and drink everything on the card. We’ll be using the hashtag #NYCFoodBingo, so tweet or Instagram @Gothamist with that hashtag and a photo of what you spot/eat!