Ice cream has been a nice vehicle for cookie dough, but now that we're adults capable of making responsible decisions, it's time to cut out the middle man and go straight to the source. Grab a spoon and follow us, please, over to Do, a NYC-based company that's making pints of cookie dough that can be eaten in one marathon binge-watching session of The Golden Girls. The next generation of breakup foods is here, folks, and it's raw.

Concerned moms can rest easy, though, as they're using pasteurized egg substitute, which means salmonella fears can be put to rest (like your heart after consuming a container of this stuff). Classic cookie flavors are represented, like Sugar, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter, but they're also taking a page from Ben & Jerry's book with flavors like Nuts For Nuts (Reese's and the like) and Chocolate Dream (Oreos!).

Gothamist staffers were generally pleased with the products delivered to our office, though many noted its super sweet character. Allow Lauren Evans to elaborate:

Part of the excitement of cookie dough is its Russian roulette effect—will this finally be the time I get salmonella poisoning? That fear is also the only thing that keeps me from eating gobs of it. Since I was told this cookie dough was microbe-free, I ate a heaping lump of it. And while it was delicious, it also incredibly sweet, and now I do feel somewhat ill, which is ironic. In conclusion, YUM!

If eating raw cookie dough doesn't get you excited (monster), the doughs can be baked into cookies in the oven or—as we experimented—nuked until the attain a cookie-like texture in the microwave.

Fellow gluttons should direct their attention to Do's website, where they can procure pints—gluten-free and vegan options are available—and have them shipped straight to your mouth hole. A multipack of four, eight ounce containers sets you back $40 and goes up from there. Suddenly salmonella exposure isn't sounding so perilous!