Between Anthony Bourdain's forthcoming international market at Pier 57 and the Queens International Night Market, we're in the beginning of a hawker-style trend in New York City. It may not have the same Blade Runner-style vibe, but you'll find similar flavors and dishes at Chomp Chomp, a new eatery from Chef Simpson Wong. And oh boy—his chicken wing game is strong.

Those wings (hah zheung gai, $10) are coated in shrimp paste, deep fried then tossed in a mixture of crispy garlic, chiles and Chinese celery. When Wong invited us to try them out, we loved their crunchy exteriors and subtle funk, a welcome respite from Buffalo tedium. Also of note, a steaming hot plate of Char Kway Teow ($14), pan fried rice noodles with clams and shrimp that achieves excellent wok hei, or "breath" of the wok.

Diners can see the wok and its fiery display from a ring of seats that overlook the open kitchen or select a quieter spot on the (nostalgic but butt-numbing) school chairs and tables or at the wood-topped bar. They're making a decent Singapore Sling over there, which the staff is quick to point out turns 100-year-old this year. Also on the sweetish side, Wong's excellent banana fritters: light, puffy doughnuts coated in chili flakes and sea salt and served with vanilla ice cream.

7 Cornelia Street, 212-929-2888; website