2005_11_food_chinatownnoodles.jpgFollowing a few tips from Chowhound, we took some time out this weekend to check out two food carts in Chinatown where, for $1 a pop, you can eat heartily and barely make a dent in your wallet. The first, on Hester between Bowery and Elizabeth, serves fried eggplant, peppers, tofu, and taro among its wares. The batter, heavier than a tempura, is extremely tasty -- the Chowhounders claim that it's fish batter, but whatever it is, it's delicious. The other, on Grand between Christie & Bowery, serves two types of noodles, fish balls, curried squid, and tripe. Tempted as we might have been by the tripe, we stuck to the noodles, and got half of the thin mai fun rice noodles, which were somewhat unremarkable, and half lo mein. The lo mein noodles were chewy and perfect for slurping, mixed with a light mix of hoisin and peanut sauce, and topped with a bit of hot sauce. Although we didn't stop by the mini-cake cart across the street, we were told by some friends (who had polished off a batch before we arrived) that they were warm, sweet, and well worth the $1 they had paid.

Any Chinatown street food tips out there?

photo courtesy of Roboppy on Flickr