We've praised IKEA's oft-overlooked culinary delights before, but now's your chance to enjoy all the meatballs, gravlax and dollar ice cream your heart desires. On June 14th, the makers of build-your-own MALM are hosting something called a Swedish Midsummer Buffet, and for $13, they'll feed you two hours worth of assorted Scandinavian food-ery. Skol!

The annual feast marks the Swedish summer solstice, which apparently hits about a week before ours; to celebrate, the IKEA in Red Hook is putting out a Linnmon table (or Björkudden, or Glivarp, if they're feeling fancy) full of regional goodies. Naturally, the company's famous meatballs will play a starring role at the ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet, though preferably they'll be served sans horse meat. Menu items also include assorted varieties of herring, hard boiled eggs with shrimp, boiled dill potatoes and a whole lot of salmon, so perhaps keep track of your mercury consumption a few days before you attend.

Tickets are $12.99 each for adults, $4.99 for kids, though whole families get a sweet $3.00 discount each. The feast kicks off at 6:30 p.m. next Friday and ends at 8:30, so you've still got a whole half-hour of open store time to fight with your mother over whether your new bookshelf should come in white or birch veneer; sadly, though, we expect the IKEA monkey will be too busy sorting out his legal issues to make an appearance.