Gothamist favorite Nitehawk Cinema is screening one of our favorite films paired with beer from one of our favorite breweries and food from one of our favorite, uh, movie theaters. For one night only (Tuesday, October 16th), Nitehawk’s Beer Dinner and a Movie will serve up a three course feast with four flights of beer, each timed with moments in the film carefully selected by Nitehawk's Cinema Department. Check out the menu:


Beer: Brownstone Dinner: Vietnamese Hot Dog (Star fruit, chili, spicy peanut mustard, fresh herbs) Movie: Willard is summoned to a lunch meeting with the embedded U.S. military intelligence and given his orders to “Terminate with extreme prejudice.” The journey begins...

Beer: Bengali Tiger IPA
Dinner: New Orleans Gumbo (Shrimp, andouille sausage, okra) OR Banh mi Sandwich (Grilled pork, pickled vegetables, cucumber, sesame mayonnaise) OR Veggie Banh mi Sandwich (Spicy marinated tofu, pickled vegetables, cucumber, sesame mayonnaise)
Movie: When New Orleans-raised Chef convinces Willard to venture ashore to pick mangoes, they are abruptly reminded that, in this part of the jungle, the tiger king of the food chain. “Never get out of the boat.”

Beer: Sweet Action
Dinner: Mango Sorbet (Lime creme, mint)
Movie: Arriving at the front lines of combat where Huey Choppers delivers ice cream to the infantry, the audience is thrust into the chaotic beauty of one of film’s best set designs, seen through a psychedelic haze. “Who’s In charge here?”

Served solo
Beer: Righteous Rye
Movie: Building up to the inevitable confrontation, Col. Kurtz’ gripping monologue offers insight into his battle-scarred morality that questions whether he is truly an insane renegade or one of the few left with the fortitude to stand by his convictions. “The horror...”

Yes, it's unfortunate there's no shrimp with which you can prove your courage, nor escargot a la straight razor, but for $60 they'll chopper in the beer and turn the Williamsburg DMZ into a beach party. HIPSTERS DON'T SURF! Anyway, do note that this is the original cut, not Apocalypse Now Redux, which means no Plantation Scene, so BYO Opium.