And the attempts to turn the East Village's odd little alley Extra Place into a "Left Bank" continues! With Bespoke Chocolates dead and gone, two new restaurants are opening on the half-block between the Bowery and Second Avenue tonight. Booze! Brunch! Swiss and Mediterranean fare!

The two tiny restaurants, Extra Place and Heidi, are siblings and share both the same front entrence as well as executive and sous chefs (Michael Han, formally of Ciano, and Jay Lee, formally of The Standard, respectively) but for now they've each got their own personalities, menus and opening hours.

First up is Extra Place, which has a Mediterranean menu with German and Turkish accents. Think hummus platters ($7), whole fishes for two (MP) and organic döners ranging from $8 for vegetables to $15 for lobster, shrimp and scallops. And an extra nice thing about Extra Place is that it will, from the get go, be serving a $15 brunch with options including carrot cake pancakes and brunch döners. Curious about those German/Turkish gyros? All of the döners are made in house on four rotisseries in the open kitchen (and are served with housemade pita). Another nice thing? EP, which also has a bar and outdoor seating, will be open from noon to 2 a.m. daily.

As for sibling Heidi, it is Swiss spot with dishes like rabbit rillette ($11.5) and selections of cured cold cuts ($18). And, of course, fondue. Open from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., this one features another open kitchen, some taxidermy on the walls (so we're back to that now?), checkered seats and some reclaimed-looking wood on the walls (because we're still on that, apparently).

The big question is, will these two petit joints help finally bring people into the Extra Place? Because from our walkbys of the new Veselka (just across First Street from the alley) the block could really use some more diners! Meanwhile, you can check out the menus below.

6-8 Extra Place

Heidi Dinner

Extra Place Dinner

Extra Place Brunch