Nearly four months after the deadly explosion rocked Second Avenue, beloved kosher spot B&H Dairy is still shuttered as they await the necessary permits before their gas can be turned back on. The 77-year-old was one of several eateries affected by the explosion and though they weren't forced to relocate, they have been saddled with mandatory city upgrades that have kept them closed since everything went down.

Following an inspection by the city, the restaurant learned they would have to install a new exhaust and fire suppression system plus upgrade their gas lines to meet higher city standards following the tragedy. All the new upgrades came with a hefty price tag of nearly $30,000; that, coupled with no revenue from the closed restaurant and the owners have found themselves in a tight spot.

Like Pommes Frites before them, the owners have launched a crowd funding campaign to help recoup losses from months of closure coupled with the mandatory city work. They're nearly halfway to their $20,000 goal, with just over a month left in the campaign.

With a successful campaign and the completion of the new upgrades, the restaurant is looking to reopen again in mid-August, provided ConEd comes promptly to turn their gas back on after the DOB gives the all clear. They'll obviously need a lot of love once they reopen, too, so be sure to stock up on lots of challah and pierogies come next month.