Hard as it is to believe, apparently not everyone digs the smell of bacon! At least not when it permanently permeates their homes. Neighbors of the new bouncer-boasting IHOP on 14th Street are sick of the smell of "rancid bacon" constantly pouring into their apartments. Also? They don't like the restaurant's ventilation system.

"There can be times at three or four in the morning when you feel like you’re in the kitchen with them," neighbor Mary Beth Powers says. "There is no relief." She's even worried it is ruining her furniture. "It smells like rancid bacon. I just imagine it: a film of crap on my furniture, on my rugs, on my walls. I actually wonder, is this being soaked up in my apartment?"

And the bacon isn't the only problem! Powers also has issues with the restaurant's noisy ventilation system and she isn't the only one. Other neighbors have complained so much there have now been building meetings about it (and, already closed Department of Building complaints). One went so far as to make not one but two videos to show how non-stop the noise is:

That does seem noisy. But more to the point, note that the videographer also complains about the smell of bacon. In the second video, which is shot at 6:30 a.m., they comment that, "The smell of bacon that we have, all the time. I’m wondering now if this is going to be our life forever."

We understand they are upset but, uh, problems we could probably learn to live with? A perma-bacon scent.