Diners indulging in customizable crocks of cheesy noodles probably weren't opting for the mouse dropping topping and dirty dish cloth mix-ins. The East Village location of S'Mac was closed by the health department yesterday after inspectors witnessed workers touching food with bare hands and other critical violations.

The restaurant racked up an impressive 71 violation points for multiple offenses including evidence of mice, soiled wiping clothes and, apparently, not keeping their bathroom in good condition. It's a huge jump in points for the popular pasta spot, which received 13 points and an "A" grade on their inspection last September.

A call to the restaurant this morning went to a voicemail message saying the eatery would be "closed for a few days as [they're] doing some renovations now." The message also said the restaurant "should be open by the weekend," though you may be better off visiting another location while they sort out that whole mouse thing. [H/T DNAinfo]